IntelliJOINT (Hip Surgery)

Intellijoint Surgical's 3D mini-optical navigation system is disrupting traditional navigation by making it smarter, faster and more affordable. intellijoint HIP provides real-time, intraoperative implant measurements for primary and revision Total Hip Arthroplasty:

Cup position Leg length and offset Hip center of rotation

Designed with surgeons, for surgeons.

IntelliJOINT (Hip Surgery)


Does not interfere with any standard surgical workflow and surgeons can become efficient users in five procedures or less.


Compatible with any major implant vendor - your choice.


Low fee-per-use or capital purchase options make intellijoint HIP accessible for all surgeons, hospitals, and patients.

"intellijoint HIP provides offset and leg length determination, in conjunction with acetabular positioning and allows you to fine tune these rather than guessing and using different landmarks. I see this as a potential game changer as you can use the information provided by intellijoint HIP to combine reducing leg length discrepancy as well as prevent dislocation. You can have your cake and eat it too."